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Permanent Cosmetics


At Lasting Looks located inside the Permanent Cosmetic Clinic, Etc., my associate and I perform the art of permanent cosmetics. Micropigment implantation, permanent makeup and intradermal cosmetics are all terms that describe this process, commonly known as cosmetic tattooing. Tiny bits of colored pigment are implanted into the second layer of skin, creating a soft, natural – looking shadow of color on the skin.

After more than ten years’ advancement, permanent makeup application has undergone some wonderful changes.  The most important aspect of permanent make up is that it actually looks better than regular makeup! Permanent cosmetics makeup won’t smear, won’t come off, and can last a lifetime! It is hygienic and completely safe. Using topical anesthetics, we minimize the discomfort of the procedure and greatly reduce the sensation of the application.

We work with accident victims; people with cleft palate/lip; alopecia, cancer and burn patients who need our talents to help restore their features. We also do areola restoration.

In addition to servicing these very unique clients, we specialize in enhancing the contour of the lips, while adding color at the same time. We can add fine hair strokes to fill in and define eyebrows or to replace lost hairs. Eyes can be dramatically lined, or just lightly framed with a lash enhancement.

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