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Eyebrows Before and After Photos

Young client with her brows drawn on.  Beautifully healed soft brows

Before | After | Healed, before follow up.

client with her brows drawn in.

reshaped brows immediately after proceedure.


beautiful brows, after proceedure.

Client as she drew on her brows.

Client with new brow application.

Brows before

Brows immediately after.

hair stroke eye brow

Brows before

Brows immediately after

Every age benefits with the ease of a brow application.

Mature women showing no sign of trauma immediately after

Client has alopecia: wanted brows and eyeliner

Client at follow up appt:  no more drawing in her brows

Client with her brows drawn in, wearing no eyeliner

Client after brows and lash enhancement….. She looked just beautiful!

Young client before brow and liner application

Client after procedures… Did hair strokes to complete brows

Permanent makeup before and after photos of permanent makeup eyebrows. Permanent makeup is also called permanent cosmetics, eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyebrow makeup, permanent eye makeup or permanent eyebrows.

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