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Before and After Photos

NOTE: Permanent Make-Up colors always appear darker and more vivid until after the healing process is complete. Your “final” look appears more subdued.

Permanent Make Up Before and After Photos

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Client with her makeup on    |   Client with eyebrows eyeliner and beauty mark, after.

 Before and after brow application

eyebrows immediately after

Beautifully healed eyebrows!

Soft hairline brows

before and after eyebrows

hairline brows

hairline brows after proceedure.  Eyeliner was completed five years earlier.

Men benefit as well from soft application on brows and top lash enhancement.

Picture taken prior to follow up proceedure.

Brush stroke brows to camouflage severe scaring on forehead from auto accident.

hairline brows (over scaring on one side)

 before and after eyebrow application

Before and after eyebrow application, healed.


beautiful color enhancing eyeliner

Eyeliner after Four Years

hairline brows & eyes


Full Face Permanent Makeup

Full face correction over other technicians work.

before:w/full make-up     after:eyebrows,eyes,lips (healed)

brows+eyeliner (healed) & lips (immediately after)


lips (immediately after)

lips (before)

lips after (healed, before follow up)

Lips before and after

soft eyebrow application and new lip procedure

Permanent Makeup Corrective Work

Hair strokes done over old color

Unhappy client before correction.  |  Picture taken after liner and lip application. Brows were still healing but already looked better.

Client decided to have areas of her brows laser off. She however was very grateful.

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